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WizKids Releases The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Collector's Edition Minis Box

Are you excited about the Wild Beyond the Witchlight expansion for Dungeons & Dragons? Wish you had minis to represent all the figures therein? Don't want to chase through blind boosters to get them? WizKids is here to help. They've released the Icons of the Realms: The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Collector's Edition Miniatures Box that has every mini for the set, including promos, and even two exclusive minis.

From the website:

 For the first time ever, WizKids is releasing an epic Collector’s Box, featuring everything included in the set, and we mean EVERYTHING.

That's 81minis total (but all in different sizes)! The Collector's Box contains:

  •    ALL miniatures in the D&D Set 20 booster/brick release (51 in total)
  •    ALL minis from both D&D Set 20 premiums sets (11 in total)
  •    ALL the minis from the D&D Set 20 starter sets (10 in total)
  •    ALL D&D Set 20 promotional miniatures (7)
  •    EXCLUSIVE! Two unique special minis only in this collector's box, including Tasha (2 in total)
  •    Multi-page booklet with all the miniatures (checklist).