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WizKids Previews WWE HeroClix: Advanced New Standard Powers

Ooooh yeah! It's time to once more look at the upcoming WWE HeroClix set that WizKids is producing. These high-flying performers have some really wild moves, and translating all of that action to the tabletop is of the highest priority. It's with that in mind that WizKids is showing off their Advanced New Standard Powers that will be showing up on the figures. Check it out and make sure you've got everything planned out right.

From the post:

Hey HeroClix fans!

We are rapidly approaching the release of WWE HeroClix in October! Last time (here) we covered what new players need to know about WWE HeroClix to start clixing, and introduced our new standard powers, but we wanted to dive a little deeper for our experienced players. This set is unlike any we’ve ever done in HeroClix, and we know you may have some questions about how it fits into the larger HeroClix experience. We’re going to try and cover everything a current HeroClix player needs to know.

Let’s start with those new standard powers, 4 Speed and 4 Attack, giving HeroClix a slew of new close combat options. But first some quick notes for those of you who are counting:

–    8 new standard powers were created for WWE

–    16 standard powers were carried over from the original PAC

–    No new defense or damage powers were created (but that’s not to say they couldn’t in the future for WWE or any other new licenses…)

So, WWE has 24 standard powers… exactly half of the 48 standard powers we know and love.

You’ll note that on the PAC, the new powers have red rings around them. On WWE dials, these powers will be represented by circles (instead of squares) of the appropriate color.