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WizKids Previews More Rules Updates for HeroClix

All of HeroClix is getting a pretty big overhaul coming with the new Wonder Woman set. In the third part of the series, WizKids is taking a look at some of those changes and giving you a look into why they were made.

From the article:

Hey Masterminds!

We’ve previously mentioned that typically we’re only delivering a “slice” of a character in a HeroClix dial – that slice might range from as wide as a particular storyline to as narrow as a particular scene. Most players have appreciated this because it leads to lower point characters so they can get more of what they want onto a team. It also means they can have more choices to build fun teams instead of feeling like most of their team is locked-in after including their ~150 point tentpole and a key support character at ~50 points.

We wanted to apply that same advantage to Standard Powers. Take a look below for some of our thoughts on these Standard Powers and the before-and-after takes. We also want to note: just because a Standard Power isn’t doing everything it used to, doesn’t mean that we can’t (on a case by case basis) give the older flexibility to characters as part of a Special Power or Trait.