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WizKids Previews More HeroClix Rules Changes

There's a big update coming to the rules of HeroClix with the upcoming release of the Wonder Woman Set. We got a bit of an overview of the changes the other day. Today, we're getting into some more specifics, including the reasoning behind them.

From the article:

If you asked 100 HeroClix players what their favorite part of HeroClix is, we suspect you’d get at least 50 different answers. Some love superhero combat, others love playing their favorite teams from comic books, many people love collecting the pre-painted miniatures, and others have an entrenched love of the gameplay.

There’s a lot to love within the gameplay – team construction, the Combat Dial, the Standard Powers. However, there’s something that we knew wasn’t as beloved, and it’s time for it to go: Pushing Damage.

As part of the changes we wanted to make to HeroClix with the 2021 Rules Update, it was obvious that the mechanics of HeroClix are an interwoven web. Adjusting one rule naturally impacts others. One of the changes the team felt most strongly about was removing pushing damage. Since pushing damage has always been a part of HeroClix, we wanted to discuss in detail not just why we wanted to remove it from the game but also the ripples of changes that we decided to implement as a result.