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WizKids Previews More HeroClix Design Updates

This isn't really a rules update preview, per-se, but more a design standpoint update. Basically, the devs behind HeroClix think that a new player is bombarded by too many special rules they have to memorize. Therefore, they are going to severely cut back on the different abilities that will go onto characters' dials.

From the article:

The Standard Powers in HeroClix are part of what makes it feasible to fit so much game play information onto the Combat Dial™. However, 48 Standard Powers is a lot of powers. When you consider all of the in-game terms a player needs to understand to play HeroClix, it’s a little over 100 terms. We wanted to make this less daunting without eliminating abilities from the game. The result is that starting with DC HeroClix: Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary there will be Standard Powers that aren’t used on any of the figures in the set – they won’t be on the dials, they won’t be in the special powers. Internally we’ve referred to those powers as being on the bench.

While this isn’t a change to the rules it’s a meaningful change to the design of HeroClix that we know players will notice, and it’s part of the strategy we’re implementing to make the game easier to onboard beginners so we wanted to address this amongst the rules updates.