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WizKids Previews Krakoan Revival Ability in Upcoming House of X HeroClix Set

Krakoan Revival is a new ability coming in HeroClix that is certain to change the way the game plays. Now, I will warn you, that this article does contain some spoilers for the House of X comic storyline. So, if you're worried about that kind of thing, go read the comic before you continue on.

From the article:

<House of X Spoilers Warning – Spoilers Ahead!!!>

This was some pretty big comic news, but this might not be the article to read before you’re done with the House and Powers of X graphic novel!

Last warning!!!

Internally we’ve often had people pose the question: What if your characters didn’t get KO’d?

It’s a pretty radical idea. We’ve dabbled in that design space previously, but never like this.

When we heard what was coming with House of X in comics, it worked as a creative pressure. If we don’t do it now, there will never be a better time. Moira MacTaggert worked with Charles Xavier, Mr. Sinister, and some powerful mutants to help mutants defy death. If they could do it in the comics, we wanted to try it in the HeroClix.

We really enjoyed the game play behind Krakoan Revival. We hope you will too.

In case you haven’t seen the previews already, this is how Krakoan Revival (KR for short) works. When one of your X-Men of fewer points is KO’d by an opponent, you may instead return them to full health and place them next to a character that can use this trait. Your opponent scores 10 points for every time you’ve done this this game (plus normal points for KOing the character) and they get to generate a bystander of their choice from among the X-Men’s BEEFY enemies.