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WizKids Posts Next HeroClix Rules Preview

Some super heroes like to get up close and personal, attacking with fits, sword, mace, or whatever might be laying around. Others like to go the ranged route with arrows, high-tech lasers, or magical bolts. Balancing those two out on the battlefield is something that WizKids is looking to do in the upcoming update for the HeroClix rules.

From the article:

HeroClix Masterminds! It’s no secret to HeroClix players that there are huge advantages to acting from a distance instead of up close. This isn’t just talking about range combat, it also means utilizing Hypersonic Speed (maybe even with Barrier to keep your opponents away after) or even utilizing buffs like Perplex and Krakoan Revival while out of range of opposing threats.

One of our goals in this set of rules updates is to help level the playing field between close and range attackers. We tried to do this by strengthening close attackers and removing some obstacles they face. We’re going to start off with a quick summary of the changes, followed by some details on our thought process.

  • Characters with multiple bolts will be able to multi-target even when making close attacks.
  • Hindering terrain will no longer impact movement, but will continue to impact targeting.
  • Knockback will do less damage, and default to moving a character 3 squares.