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WizKids Posts New House of X Set Preview

The House of X set for Heroclix will bring some changes to the game, not just in adding new models. WizKids is changing the way they do sculpts as well. Plus, there's lots of new rules and mechanics to check out. In this preview, we get a preliminary look at some of those changes.

From the article:

Spoilers ahead! With widespread critical acclaim, excitement in comic shops across the world, and a riveting storyline, it’s no surprise that House and Powers of X energized the X-Men fandom. Even as we saw the earliest previews and images, it was clear to us that it was going to be EPIC. If you haven’t read it for yourself, check out this review from

“Coming together to tell one unified, groundbreaking story, Hickman’s two X-series dared to be different. The writer took a lot of familiar comic book tropes, like the constant resurrection of deceased characters, and made them sensible and surprising. There has been a fair amount of emotional character beats, too. And most importantly, Hickman set the stage for all manner of X-Men stories for years to come.”

If you’re more into videos, Rob from Comics Explained doesn’t equivocate either:

“This is the best X-Men has been in YEARS!”

House of X was FIRE and we wanted to squeeze it into your HeroClix booster. We’re excited about the result in a lot of ways. We’ve often heard from fans that our figures have gotten them interested in comic stories they were unfamiliar with; we expect House of X is no different.

Stunning Sculpts

We already talked about this in detail here. This is the first step in us leveling up the overall look of HeroClix, and it’s only the beginning.