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WizKids Posts HeroClix Skirmish Rules Update

Games will always be growing and evolving. Even if something's playtested a bunch, when it gets out into player's hands, there might be things that they find that don't work as intended. That's where updates come in. That's what we've got here from WizKids. They've taken a look at HeroClix Skirmish and have posted an update to the rules.

From the post:

Design Insight: HeroClix Skirmish – Rules Update!

In August we announced Skirmish, a HeroClix Random Starting Position Format. We mentioned in the article that we’ve performed internal playtesting but wanted to get community feedback to make the format even better. After seeing it out in the wild and with some additional tweaks are excited to announce the beta launch of the Skirmish format!

We’ve broken the changes from the initial launch into two categories: New Rules, and Changes to original Skirmish Rules. First, we’ll share the feedback, then the new rule. If you just want a rules summary with no explanation, please skip to the end of the article.