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WizKids Posts HeroClix Rules Update Preview 4

While there's a lot of lone-wolf heroes out there, many belong to a team of some kind. In HeroClix, those affiliated heroes might get a Team Bonus. In this rules update preview, we get a look at how team-up bonuses will be changing with the release of the Wonder Woman set.

From the article:

Hey HeroClix Masterminds! We’ve tried to walk through the process from beginning to end on some of the other changes to the rules and PAC we’ve described in preparing players for the changes that are coming in the 2021 HeroClix Rules Update, but for this one it’s simplest to start at the end: we’re eliminating the differences between Named and Generic Themed Teams.

For players who enjoy creating their own teams of Cosmic or Animal themed heroes we suspect this will be a big win. For players who prefer named themed teams – stay tuned because these changes represent a buff to ALL themed teams.

Keywords are part of the connective tissue from set to set in HeroClix. We talked about reusing mechanics from set to set in a recent Design Insight article, and this change is in keeping true to that.