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WizKids Posts Further Event and Product Replacement Cancellations/Delays

Every day, we're seeing more and more updats about what we can expect going forward with the rest of the year as the pandemic continues to evolve. In this update, we have a look at WizKids, who have updated their timeline about organized play events, as well as an update about parts replacements during this time.

From the organized events post:

Hello WizKids Retailers and Players,

The safety and well-being of our retailers, players and their families is paramount. As such, WizKids is postponing all Organized Play (OP) events originally scheduled during the remainder of March and throughout April & May of 2020. This includes Organized Play for HeroClix, Dice Masters and Star Trek Attack Wing.  For HeroClix, this cancellation notice includes:

  • DC Comics HeroClix: Justice League Unlimited Pre-Releases
  • DC Comics HeroClix: Justice League Unlimited Release Day OP
  • HeroClix Monthly OP

Note for Retailers: WizKids Organized Play product is still not able to be resold, but can be awarded at a later date, or given away if local laws allow.

Currently, we plan to continue WizKids Organized Play starting in June for the Marvel HeroClix “In Search of Galactus” Summer Organized Play series. However, if there are any changes to this we will make a further announcement- please monitor the WizKids Information Network (WIN) at and our WizKids social media sites.

In the meanwhile, we hope that players will continue to enjoy our games at home in small groups and perhaps take this opportunity to share their enjoyment with their family, roommates, flatmates and friends.

Organized Play Update

From the parts replacement update:

Hello WizKids Fans,

As we adjust to the rapidly developing Covid-19 situation, we wanted to provide an update regarding the status of our Product Replacements program.

We are still actively fulfilling replacement requests, and the system is still live and available to any customer who wishes to request a replacement; however, there may be a longer wait than usual for request fulfillment.

For those seeking to request a product replacement, please follow the instructions below to create a replacement request in our replacement system:

  1. Go to
  2. If you do not have an account yet, click the link “Sign Up”
  3. Once you have an account, log into the system
  4. Fill out all your contact information
  5. At the top left of your screen, click “Create a Request”.

Should you have any questions, please contact our replacements team at for assistance.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Parts Replacement Update