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WizKids Expands Online Store

So, you can't get out to your local gaming store. And many distributors aren't able to ship because of restrictions. So, how are you going to get the games and figures you want? Well, WizKids is here to help. They're expanding their webshop to help you out.

From the announcement:

Dear WizKids Retailers,

In these extraordinary times, we at WizKids have been doing our best to continue to bring the joy of tabletop gaming and hobby painting to the masses. Today’s conditions have forced all of us to quickly adapt to not only a new day-to-day life, but the way we think about our collective futures. As we all continue to adjust and adapt to our new (hopefully temporary) normal, we want to share with you a new initiative that we hope to implement in the coming weeks.

With distributors and retailers being forced to close due to government restrictions and/or forces outside their control, getting product into the hands of our players has become more challenging than ever. While we have always supported our retailers with innovative programs such as pre-release events, Storyline OP, and in-store Paint & Take (and now Take & Paint) — we understand that these options may not be accessible to everyone as we continue to practice social distancing and isolation.

With all this in mind, in order to find ways to continue to deliver great games to our players, we have decided to expand the WizKids Online Store. This has been a very difficult decisions for us, but one we know we must make in order to adapt to the ever-changing landscape. It is our hope that by selling product directly to consumers, we can bring the joy of gaming to a greater number of households during this unprecedented situation, while continuing to ensure our business stays strong and will be able to continue to make the great products that we have all come to know and love.

We’ll continue to remind our players that even though we are choosing to sell products direct, always support your Friendly Local Game Stores. You all are the backbone of the industry, and without you, many of our products would not be able to get to their tabletop.

Please reach out — Our team is continuing to work closely with retailers to devise and adopt new programs to provide ongoing support.

We hope everyone stays safe and look forward to the future. Thank you!