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WizKids Announces Ultra Deluxe 2D Arcade Mega Fighter Card Game

Guilty Gear. Street Fighter. Marvel vs. Capcom. Chances are pretty good you've played at least one of them. They're some of the most popular fighting arcade games of all time. Soon, you'll be able to bring that action to your tabletops with Ultra Deluxe 2D Arcade Mega Fighter, a new card game just announced by WizKids. Personally, I kinda like the guy weilding a shark.

From the website:

WizKids is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Ultra Deluxe 2D Arcade Mega Fighter, a new game inspired by classic arcade fighting games!

In this two player dueling card game, players will create their ultimate team for a 3-on-3 tag team battle by drafting from a pool of 15 fighters, each with their own unique abilities and evocative pixel art. Characters like Sharkfist, Tyranosorcerer, or Amoeba Bandita can all be drafted to create the most epic team of all time!

After drafting their Fighters, players will have 3 actions per turn, selected from 5 options: Start Combo, String Combo, Taunt, Swap Fighters, or Draw. Players can choose any combination of actions and may perform them in any order, with the only exception being String Combo, which cannot be performed unless Start Combo has already been performed earlier that turn. Each Fighter has a unique set of 3 Attacks and 2 Special Abilities, giving each team of fighters a unique synergy allowing them to more effectively K.O. their opponent’s team. Once a player has K.O.’d all 3 of their opponent’s Fighters, they win!

Ultra Deluxe 2D Arcade Mega Fighter hits shelves in April 2020, so get ready to Press Start and pre-order at your Friendly Local Game Store or online today!