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WizKids Announces Red Slaad Paint Night Event Kit

As more people get out there and get vaccinated, we can hopefully have events down at the LGS again. And WizKids is ready with their Red Slaad Paint Night Kit (I'd suggest painting it... y'know... red...).

From the website:

Now, by popular demand, Paint Night Events feature an all-inclusive “Paint Night Kit!” These kits include a miniature, premium Vallejo paints, a set of brushes, water pot and blister pack that doubles as a pallet — everything you need to complete the painting experience.

That’s not all! We are also opening up the program to all WizKids distribution partners and their retail customers worldwide! This means that all stores that currently purchase WizKids products will also have an opportunity to participate in this program (while supplies last and first come, first served).

We hope to create an exciting, interactive, and easy way for painters and retailers to get their hands on a complete miniature painting experience!