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WizKids Announces Icons of the Realms: Orcus Miniature

Lord of one of the levels of Hell, Orcus is quite a formidable foe for your adventuring party and would make a fitting end-of-campaign baddie. Well, if and when your party does finally face him, might as well have an impressive miniature to put on the table, and that's what we have with D&D Icons of the Realms: Orcus, a new mini announced by WizKids.

From the announcement:

Orcus rewards those who spread death in his name by granting them a small portion of his power. The least of these become ghouls and zombies who serve in his legions, while his favored servants are the cultists and necromancers who murder the living and then manipulate the dead, emulating their dread master.

Orcus is the first figure in WizKids D&D Icons of the Realms: Demon Lords line of super premium figures! Orcus is a huge figure standing on an impressive 100mm base.

*This premium figure contains the following item:**

  • 1 x Orcus, Demon Lord of Undeath