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WizKids Announces English Version of Seeders From Sereis: Exodus

If you only speak and read English (such as myself), then there's the possibility that you're missing out on a lot of really cool games out there. Thankfully, there's a chance that the game could eventually make its way to an English-speaking audience, and that's what we have here with Seeders From Sereis: Exodus. WizKids is going to be making an English-language version.

From the article:

WizKids is pleased to announce the upcoming release of hit game Seeders from Sereis: Exodus, in English for the first time!

When an unknown force threatens to render their home uninhabitable, the Seeders must build arks—giant colony ships–to ensure their survival. Players work to create the most promising design to be chosen for production. Each turn players draft cards into their hands as cards are laid out on the board. Players strategically place negotiator chips between the cards they want, using their alignment and position to determine who has the most influence over a desired card. Once all negotiators and tokens are placed, influence is calculated and the winners of each card are determined.

Once obtained, cards can be played for points, adding value to your ark, or discarded for resources. Each card represents a different component of the ark – modules and personnel – and players will find unique synergies between cards. Complex interactions add layers of strategy that lead to a unique experience each time you play.


  frankeajs at 362 days ago
IS their a way to tweet a link to your stories?
  Marcus at 362 days ago
All of our stories are posted to our Twitter account here: (also link in the top-right corner of the screen) and you can share those. Good suggestion to add the ability to share a single story. We'll take that into consideration.