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WizKids Announces Age of Dirt

In most worker placement games, there's no question about when you put a little meeple on a space, it'll do what you ask it to. But what if your workers are neanderthalls who are just barely making it through the stone age? They might not be the most reliable. And that's what you'll have to work around in Age of Dirt, a new worker placement game coming from WizKids.

From the website:

Wizkids is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Age of Dirt: A Game of Uncivilization, a worker placement game with stupid workers!

In this worker placement game of uncivilization, you are the chief of a prehistoric clan seeking to lead your clan to become the best in the valley! Your clan members will collect resources in order to build your “crazy” inventions. Or, at least, you hope they do. You see, while your leadership skills are excellent, your people are…not the most intelligent of workers. Forgetful and lazy, they’re not always reliable, which can lead to complications in your plans to build the greatest uncivilization in the prehistoric land.

Each turn, players will choose one of the following options: they can send out clan members, call back clan members in order to collect resources, or spend resources in order to build inventions, expand their cave, or ready their drum and spear. In order to for your workers to return, however, you must send them through “The Passage,” a tower in which you drop your meeples. Flaps inserted into the tower may stop your workers from making it to the bottom. In these cases, your workers have lost their way and will not deliver their resources on this turn. You may, later in the game, use the drum to rescue your workers from The Passage, but beware, for there are predators lurking within (hence why the spear is needed!).

The game ends immediately when one player reaches 10 Rock-Stars (representing Victory Points). They have united the clans for the betterment of all pre-human society! Age of Dirt: A Game of Uncivilization is coming soon, so preorder it at your  Friendly Local Game Store today!