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Win Your Wishlist From Mantic Games

Mantic has created a new Wishlist feature for their Webshop. Have people that want to buy gifts for you and want to make sure they get the right thing? Or just put together a list of figures you want to get for yourself. It's a handy tool. And if you put together a wish list on the site this week, you might just win the whole shebang.

From the announcement:

We've just introduced a brand-new wishlist function on the Mantic website. This is the perfect way to keep track of the items you want to purchase in the future, or send to granny when a special occasion is coming up... assuming granny has an email address, of course.

Not only that, but the wishlist will let you know when products come back in stock and alert you when Crazy Bobby has a sale on. You can read a handy guide on how to use the wishlist function here.

To celebrate the launch of the website wishlists, we've got an awesome competition to win a wishlist worth up to £300! Wow.

How to enter:

1. Create an account on the Mantic website, if you don't already have one  

2. Make a wishlist and fill it with awesome stuff valued at up to £300

3. All wishlists created between today (December 10th) and December 17th will be entered into the draw and one lucky winner will win their entire wishlist

4. Share your wishlist to social media with the hashtag #MyManticWishlist for an additional entry into the draw. You'll need to make sure your wishlist is set to public, or shared, to be able to share it to social media

Good luck!