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What's for Dinner? Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Ah, the eternal question: What's for dinner? I would assume you think about that at least once per day. More if you're hungry. Lots more if you're out grocery shopping. But now you can think it around the gaming table. A La Carte Games is running a Kickstarter for their What's for Dinner? card game. Will you end up eating what you want?

From the campaign:

Who hasn’t been in a group of people who can’t decide on what restaurant to visit or where to order food from? What’s for Dinner? is a light and quick game designed to cleanse the palate, inspire hungry players, and maybe even give the winner the right to decide dinner plans.

Grab meals that match your traits before other players snatch them up, or you might end up going without. Maybe that one delicious meal you’ve got your eye on would break your diet, but is it worth the risk?

The campaign's up and running now. It's set to go for another 27 days.