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What Happened at Wyvern Rock Issue 2 Up On Kickstarter

Sure, you've got your sci-fi settings and your fantasy settings. But what if you want to infuse your fantasy settings with some of your sci-fi settings? There's fewer of those things out there. But there's more on the way with What Happened at Wyvern Rock issue 2. This new project that's part of the Zine Quest explosion over on Kickstarter looks to bring UFOs, strange creatures, and aliens to your games.

From the campaign:

For Issue 2 of What Happened at Wyvern Rock?, we’ll be focusing on Strange Places. Even if you’re not knees deep in fringe literature, you probably know their names – the Bermuda Triangle, Area 51, Dulce Base, and Skinwalker Ranch to name just a few. Even historical sites such as Stonehenge or the Great Pyramids have been co-opted into Strangeness. Across cultures, these places linger at the fringes of our imaginations, built up by stories told of weird encounters with otherworldy beings.

Of course, in a fantasy setting, strange locales are a copper a dozen. Your average peasant probably could name a few of the top of their head while a working adventurer likely has a frequent visitor punch card. So one of the first questions we’ll tacking in Issue 2 is “How can we differentiate a Strange place from the merely profane, holy, haunted, or magickal?” 

After we figure out what makes a place Strange, we’ll delve into a bit of crunch. What effect does Strangeness have on an area? One of the innovations of 5th Edition is the idea that powerful creatures have an impact and influence on the area they dwell in – Regional Effects. In fringe literature, Strangeness can have similar regional impact – think about the drone of the Taos Hum, visual displays such as the Phoenix Lights, or the Dyatlov Pass messing with navigation. In addition to Regional Effects, in 5th Edition, these same creatures often have Lair Actions, or things that happen in combat while in their seat of power. We’ll dive into these as well in the form of what I'm tentatively calling "Loci Actions," as the baddie being faced might not have any control over what is going on either! A bit of Strangeness can turn a mundane combat extraordinary and add an extra dimension to even the same old bandit ambush.

One of the things I learned from working on and feedback from Issue 1 is that people like a bit more show than tell when it comes to Strangeness and the best way to do that is with encounters. I had a lot of fun working on the introductory Strange encounters and want to do more of them! So for Issue 2, I'll be making a series of short, Strange encounters for you to torment your players with. Gee, if only there was some sort of ‘real-world’ Strange Place that had it all – lights in the skies, cryptid encounters, portals, time dilation, and-

The campaign's more than 2x funded with 9 days left to go.