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West Germans Available to Pre-Order for Team Yankee

At the end of WWII, Germany was split up into two halves. Part was under the control of the Soviets and the other was controlled by Britain, France, and the US. In our timeline, the two Germanies eventually reunited. But in the world of Team Yankee, they're still split and are hitting the battlefield. You can put your name on the list to get the new West German releases now.

From the website:

World War III: West German Pre-orders Now Open

Inside you will Find:

•   Background on the West German army,1. Panzerdivision, 3. Panzerdivision,Kampfgruppe Müller, and Panzerlehrbrigade 9.

•   Instructions on how to build Leopard 2A5,Leopard 2, & Leopard 1 Panzer, Marder 2,Marder 1, & M113 Panzergrenadier, & three different Panzeraufklärungs companies.

•   Three Scenarios to test your skills with your West German force.

•   A detailed painting guide to help you prepare your West Germans for combat.