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Weird City Games Giving Part of Proceeds to Local Gaming Shops

The Friendly Local Gaming Shop is the backbone of the gaming industry. I know there have been several that served basically as my second home for decades. I wouldn't be where I am now without amazing stores. But, during this difficult time, the LGS is in danger. Usually, it's a good policy to "pay where you play," but if your shop's closed right now, they can have a hard time staying open even after all this is over. To help out, Weird City Games is offering to give part of their proceeds to your local shop when you buy from them directly. You still get your games during the pandemic and your shop gets the funds as if you bought it from them. It's a win-win.

From the announcement:

Hi Wonderful Gamers,
Friendly local game stores are the backbone of our industry and many of them are in dire straights due to Covid-19. In an effort to support them we are donating 30% of all online sales through the Weird City Games shop to your favorite local game store! If it is possible to order any of our games directly from retailers we encourage you to do so, but if not we'll pass along 30% of your order to them.

Our newest printing of March of the Ants and both expansions are now in stock, and any purchases that include the March of the Ants base game will come with a free set of Centimeeples!