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Wasted Nights Drinking Game Coming to Kickstarter

So, I don't drink. But I know that most gamers do. And that's fine, as long as they do it responsibly. And one way to do it responsibly is to involve a game with it. That's where Wasted Nights comes in. It's a new drinking game that's coming to Kickstarter on April 14th. And for you teetotalers like me, you can play without having to get sloshed in the process.

About the game:

Wasted Nights is the Project X version of a booze tour you‘ll never forget! Among other things, because you‘re not in danger of waking up with a hangover and a blackout. It‘s the first drinking game you can play absolutely sober without losing the point of a drinking game! 

Players draw action cards in turns simulating the alcoholized brain and its ability to create insanely funny embarrassing and/or dangerous situations. The goal is to party as long as possible! If you get arrested or die you lose! As rising alcohol levels lead you to stupid or potentially deadly actions the game becomes more and more intense. 

So if you‘re a real party animal and you like to get wasted but don‘t want to end up in a drunk tank with a hangover then please help us to make the dream of the hangoverless party come true. We think you will love it as much as we do!