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Warploque Miniatures Running Squeaky Blinders Fantasy Football Team Kickstarter

Maybe clown goblins aren't quite your thing. Well, how about mutated rats? That's what Warploque Miniatures has going on with their fantasy football team Kickstarter. Squeaky Blinders has a new ratmen team that you can hit the gridiron with.

From the campaign:

Welcome, welcome, one and all, to the third Warp Team Fantasy Football Kickstarter!

Following on from the successful Ram Raiders: Halfling Team Kickstarter in August, and the even more successful Croc Blockers: Lizard Team Kickstarter in November, I am delighted to bring you another group of brand new furry fiends - The Squeaky Blinders!

WTFF is a new range of unique and distinctive miniatures to use in your Fantasy Football games. Each model has been hand sculpted, and is cast in the finest white metal and resin. My goal is to make sure that every single WTFF miniature is packed full of character, is a joy to paint, and will look suitably splendid on your table top.

So grab your popcorn, break out your beverages, and take your seats. Whilst we wait for the match to start, how's about we look at our third team to take to the pitch...

The campaign's about 3x its funding goal, but there's only 3 days left to go on the clock.