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Warmachine April Dynamic Update Posted

It's the last day of the month. Seems as good a time as ever to post this month's Dynamic Update for Warmachine. It's mostly Crucible Guard, but there's some other bits in there. Plus, you get a little info from the Devs about some of the changes.

From the article:

Crucible Guard Theme Force

Prima Materia

  • Added “Death Archons” to Army Composition
  • Added the following benefit:
  • Warjacks and battle engines in this army gain Cutting Edge. (During your Control Phase, remove d3 damage points from each friendly model with Cutting Edge. Additionally, when a warjack with Cutting Edge is allocated 1 or more focus points while within its controller’s command range, it is allocated 1 additional focus point.)
  • Removed the following benefit that begins with:
  • Friendly models/units can begin the game affected by the upkeep spells of warcasters in this army
  • Changed the requisition option of “Two Trancer solos” to “Two small-based Trancer solos

Dev Notes: The two Crucible Guard theme forces presented a unique problem: Magnum Opus is basically everything the Faction has to offer, and Prima Materia is not. Our goal was to not remove any models from existing theme forces, as that would disrupt some players’ model collections. We also didn’t want to “split” Magnum Opus and suddenly have players who could no longer build legal lists.

So, with this in mind, we decided to push Prima Materia toward being more of the warjack-centric theme force and give it another strong theme force benefit to really emphasize that in the form of Cutting Edge. With this ability, warjacks will hardly ever suffer from disabled systems on turns where it matters, and the increased focus efficiency of battlegroups can be very powerful. This ability offers a strong reason to consider the restrictions of army composition that this theme force requires.