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Warlord Previews Aztecs for Mythic Americas

Heading a bit south from their previous preview, Warlord Games is giving us another look at a Native American group coming for Mythic Americas. This time, they're headed down Mexico way and taking a look at the Aztecs, including the contents of their starter forces box.

From the article:

Mythic Americas is a fantastic opportunity to explore the diverse cultures of the Americas. This article takes a look at the bloodthirsty Aztecs, and how they’ll play on your tabletop!

A native people of Mesoamerica, the Aztec or Mexica, endured struggle and strife in a journey south from their original home in Aztlan to a lakebed in the Mexican basin where they would eventually, create the capital city of Tenochtitlan in the early 1300’s. Though they were skilled farmers who created tiered chinampa to manage crops, fisherman, and fierce warriors, what perhaps defines them most is that they were city builders.