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Warlord Games Taking Orders For Show Pick-Up

Buying direct can save you when it comes to your pocket book. You can also make sure that you get exactly what you want. But then there comes shipping fees. That can often negate any savings you had. But what if you and your favorite company are going to be at the same show? Well, you could just have them bring your order along! And that's just what Warlord Games is doing with their Show Pick-Up plan.

From the website:

You can indeed place an order for collection at shows our official event teams are attending! Please email us at with a list of the items, which event you would like to collect them at, and if you would prefer to pay now or at the event. We do however ask that you make sure your order is in by the weekend before the event in question. We may not be able to take orders placed after this time due to casting times for models.