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Warlord Games Taking Orders For SPQR Digital Rulebook, Roman and Gaul Forces

SPQR is the upcoming historical miniatures game from Warlord Games. As one would expect with that title, it's based around ancient Rome and the various forces they fought against. And Warlord Games has started taking orders for the first forces. They're the Romans (naturally) and they have the gaul to be taking orders for Gaul. Yes, that joke was worth it. Anyway, you can get the digital rulebook and these various forces in the Warlord Games webshop now.

SPQR: Digital Rulebook PDF

The SPQR rulebook is available in a highly convenient digital PDF format. The book contains all rules necessary for creating and playing with your warbands.

SPQR is a lightning-fast skirmish game of warbands in the ancient world. Easy to learn, you’ll be scouting, raiding and pillaging with your miniatures in no time at all.

SPQR: Caesar’s Legions


Crush your foes under the might of the Roman Legions. Caesar’s Legions march into SPQR with some of the most elite, well-armed troops in the game.

SPQR: Warriors of Gaul


Unite the tribes and charge into your SPQR battles with the mightiest of heroes and warriors of Gaul. Overwhelm your foes with sheer numbers of bloodthirsty warriors.