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Warlord Games Summer Clearance Sale Happening Now

You've heard of Spring Cleaning, but Warlord Games is having themselves a Summer Cleaning Clearance Sale. Want a bunch of toy soldiers for a lot less than you'd usually spend? Head on over and get yourself some new figures to work on in this heat, and have them ready for the cool of Autumn and the cold of Winter.

From the website:

Warlord Games are having a summer clearance sale!

We’ve been doing some digging in the dusty corners of the warehouse, and we’ve found some stuff that really needs to go.

We could spin out a whole sales pitch about it, but frankly, we’re sick to the back teeth of counting it and we want it gone as soon as possible.

It’s strictly on a first come, first served basis and when this stock is gone, it’s never coming back. If you see something you want, better buy it now.

Check out the collection here or look at the list below!

The frames are all priced at £1/$1.20, the price of the books and boxed games will vary from product to product.