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Warlord Games Shows American War for Independence in Black Powder 2nd Edition

The Black Powder rules cover a fairly active time, military-wise, with the Napoleonic conflicts over in Europe, along with several wars in North America. Arguably one of the ones that had the most lasting impact was the American War for Independence (or the Revolutionary War, as we call it here in the colonies). In this look from Warlord Games, they show off how the rules can be used to recreate the events from that war.

From the website:

This week, we’re taking a look at one of the defining moments in American history, a war that would change the face of the continent forever. If you’ve been itching to get into Black Powder, there are few better places to start than the American War of Independence!

In 1765, a massive gulf was growing between Great Britain and its American colonies. Punitive taxation and a series of bitter disputes over legislation escalated toward open revolt in 1773, following the destruction of a tea shipment in Boston Harbour. This was followed by a series of even more draconian measures including a blockade of Boston Harbour and punitive taxation.

As unrest began to ferment across the 13 colonies, the respective colonial governments formed a continental congress to coordinate the resistance to effectively seize power.