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Warlord Games Reopens Shipping

Most of the reason that places are closed is because we're all supposed to stay 6 feet away from one-another. Well, if you've got a big enough warehouse, you can still get work done without being anywhere near someone else. Warlord Games has found themselves a small crew to work their warehouse during these times. So, it might be slower shipping of your order, but it's not not-shipping your order.

From the announcement:

Skeleton Staff

No, this isn't a new magic item for Warlords of Erehwon - we have a heroic band of volunteers back in action picking and despatching webstore orders for you all. That means we are once again open to satisfy your hobby cravings!

All of these Warlorders are working under strict social distancing guidelines and only those members of the team able to travel without using public transport have been considered. 

We're certainly not at full capacity so our usual fast turnaround time will take a little longer but we'll get your Warlord Games goodies out to you as fast as possible.

Stay home, stay safe and paint miniatures!