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Warlord Games Releases Renault UE Chenilette For Bolt Action

You've probably seen me type about how nobody wants to have to just walk into battle. Well, the same can be said for your artillery. They don't want to just be dragged there. They want to go in style, too. That's where the Renault UE Chenilette comes in. You can pick it up for Bolt Action now.

From the release:

Similar to the Universal Carrier from the British Army, use the new Renault UE Chenilette and get your artillery into position!

The tiny Chenillette was a fully-tracked armoured tractor, not dissimilar in overall appearance to the British Bren Carrier.

It would often pull a trailer. It was in widespread use throughout the French Army as a towing vehicle. It was unarmed, but during the final phase of the Battle of France some were fitted with a machine gun.