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Warlord Games Relases Black Powder 2 Gold Edition Collection

Black Powder 2nd Edition has been out for a couple weeks now, and players are really sinking their teeth into it. But if you want to get something a little extra special, Warlord Games has bundled together a small number of their Gold Edition book with some extras that make it quite a deal.

From the post:

We’ve got a few copies of the Black Powder 2 Collector’s Edition available, so we’ve created a fantastic collector’s bundle that gives you the Waterloo starter set and some FREE metal mounted officers!

Due to having deliberately kept some back in case of any customer service issues, we’ve got a few copies of the Black Powder 2 collector’s edition available for purchase.

The Gold Collection contains:

  • 1x Black Powder 2 Collector’s Edition Rulebook, with exclusive Lucky Jack figure.
  • 1x Black Powder Waterloo Starter Set
  • 1x Marshal Ney and Mounted French Officer (FREE!)
  • 1x Napoleonic British Mounted Infantry Officers (FREE!)