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Warlord Games Previews the French-Indian War for Black Powder 2

As the second edition of Black Powder looms for release this weekend, adding to the Year of New Editions, Warlord Games is looking over all the different conflicts that can be recreated using the rules, as well as giving you a good starting place to go to if you want to get into the game there. If there's a particular conflict that you find interesting in the time period, chances are you can find all you need in order to recreate it on your tabletops. In this case, it's The French-Indian War.

From the post:

We’re racing through our series covering how to get started with various Black Powder 2 periods. This week, we’re disappearing into the forests of North America with the French-Indian War.

The French-Indian War began in 1754 as tensions between British and French colonists in North America escalated. Fighting raged back and forth across the frontier between British America and New France, with both sides utilizing their native allies to supplement their militia and regular forces.

The war, which started as a colonial dispute, became another theatre of the Seven Years War, which once again pitted Britain and her German allies against Bourbon France and Spain. This global struggle for dominance would span five continents and claim thousands of lives.