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Warlord Games Previews Their New Resin

SPQR, the upcoming game from Warlord Games, will be the first made with their new material, Warlord Resin. But what is this new material? How will it affect the look of the models? How well does it paint up? How resilient is it? A change in material is usually a really big thing for a game, so I'm sure you're all interested to see what this new stuff is like. Thankfully, Warlord's posted up a little preview of it for you.

From the post:

Our new game SPQR will be the first Warlord product to include our models made in a very special new material: ‘Warlord Resin’.

We know that you will love this amazing new material which has many great properties including:

  • Crisp looking models with sharp details making each sculpt look fantastic
  • Minimal mould lines
  • Models made of Warlord Resin are easily converted, Cut/Scrape/File to your heart’s content
  • No need for priming, you are able to paint straight onto the model if you want
  • The material is not as brittle as other resins so guns/swords etc will not readily snap.

The innovative technology that we now possess will enable us to create new miniatures using Warlord Resin for many future releases for SPQR.

Note: It is not ‘Restic’ – This special Warlord Resin has been specifically developed by us with painters and gamers at the forefront of our minds