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Warlord Games Previews The Jacobite Rebellion in Black Powder 2nd Edition

As mentioned before, the Black Powder rules cover a relatively large segment of history where quite a number of military actions were taken. Warlord Games is looking over some of those as the release of Black Powder 2nd Edition draws closer. In this instance, they look at the Jacobite Rebellion, suggesting some force lists you might put together in order to recreate this time on the tabletop.

From the post:

The bloody seeds that blossomed into the Jacobite Rising of 1745 were sown in the later part of the 17th century. After an act of parliament excluded dozens of Catholics from the line of succession, the balance of power in the British Isles shifted from the last members of the Stuart family to the German-born Hanoverians.

Supporters of the Stuart pretenders became known as Jacobites, derived from the Latin form of James – Jacobus.

The Jacobite cause drew many to its banners, from disaffected English Protestants to fearsome Highland clansmen. These men were all united by their dislike of the new foreign-born monarch and opposition to the Acts of Union in 1707, which merged the Kingdoms of England and Scotland into a separate entity.

The French, looking to destabilize their powerful neighbour with another civil war, offered their support to the exiled Stuart pretenders, though this often amounted to lots of planning and very little tangible assistance.