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Warlord Games Previews New Italians for Bolt Action

A new plastic soldier kit for Bolt Action is coming to pre-orders in just a couple days. Get a look at the sprue as well as a bit of history behind them in this preview from Warlord Games.

From the website:

Mussolini famously boasted that the Italian army had eight million bayonets standing at the ready. In actuality, the standing Italian army was far smaller than that, with huge numbers of troops conscripted into a war they neither believed in nor understood. The fighting ability of units of the Italian army varied greatly, with much of the rank and file lacking proper equipment, transport and even motivation. Still, there were several key battles in North Africa and the Eastern Front where they performed well.


Pre-Order the new plastic kit from Saturday 9th October. There’ll also be a number of army bundles available, getting you battle ready whether in defence of the Soft Underbelly of Europe, in the Western Desert, the Balkans campaign or wherever the Italian Army fought in WW2.