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Warlord Games Previews New Blood Red Skies Releases

Many sought to achieve the coveted title of "Ace" during WWII. Many made it. Many made it and still didn't come home. Even some bomber pilots got it. New Aces for Blood Red Skies are coming soon from Warlord Games so you can have these top pilots on your tabletops, flying for you.

From the article:

The rules for achieving “Ace” status were established during the First World War when the aerial battles of famous pilots were followed in the newspapers with all the avidity of sporting results.

In WWII five confirmed air‑to‑air victories became established as the tally required to give a pilot Ace status.

Hundreds of pilots became Aces in the Second World War due to the vast scale of the aerial conflict. Proportionally the number of Aces different air forces produced stayed roughly the same and only about five percent of their combat pilots became Aces.

The launch of Blood Red Skies: The Battle of Midway required a slightly different approach to the previous starter game (The Battle of Britain), in that due to the nature of the Pacific Theatre, we could not ignore those who attained Ace status flying bombers.