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Warlord Games Previews Canadians in Bolt Action

Warlord Games will be focusing on the British and Canadian sectors of D-Day in their upcoming Bolt Action book. In this preview, we get a look specifically at the Canadians and some of the sets they'll get as well as how they'll play once they start storming the beaches.

From the article:

Inside our new book – D-Day: British & Canadian sectors, you’ll find an army list for the soldiers of the Canadian army!

Due to the worsening crisis in Europe, the Canadian government declared partial mobilization on 25 August 1939. Upon being informed that German troops had invaded Poland, Canada declared full mobilization on 1 September and preparations were immediately begun to send troops to Britain. Canada was firmly on the side of Great Britain from the outset, but the government delayed declaring war on Germany until 10 September in order to emphasize Canadian independence. Almost 16,000 Canadian soldiers were in England by December 1939, mainly in the 1st Canadian Infantry Division.

The 1st Canadian Infantry Division was partly landed in France in June 1940, before being recalled when it was realised that the Battle of France could not be won. Canadian units saw action in Hong Kong in 1941 and at Dieppe in 1942, but the vast majority of Canadian troops were held in Britain from 1939–43 as a reserve to defend against a possible German invasion. The Canadian Army reached a peak strength of 485,000 men and women in 1943.

The 1st Canadian Army strength in Britain was approximately 240,000, with two Corps, two armoured divisions, three infantry divisions, 2 armoured brigades and 2 artillery groups. Three more infantry divisions were active for home defence on the east and west coasts of Canada.