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Warlord Games Posts New Warlords of Erehwon Solo Rules

In a fantasy world, of course there's going to be more than just the giant armies clashing with one-another. There's going to be the adventuring groups that go out and find dark tombs and plunder them for their riches. And that's what you have in the new dungeon-crawler solo rules for Warlords of Erehwon that Warlord Games just posted.

From the article:

This ‘dungeon-crawler’ game has been swiftly written to allow those of us stuck at home under the Coronavirus lockdown to play solitary games, but will be just as much fun once the world is back to whatever ‘normal’ will become. It is designed to be simple with pre-programmed enemies, so it may be played solo or as a family co-operative game. Younger members of the family may enjoy making the playing boards as well as playing.

Because of the circumstances in which the game has been designed, it is horribly under play-tested. Do not hesitate to fiddle with the hero and monster values as you see fit. Feedback is welcomed – so that we can improve the game in time for the next time you’re stuck at home.

On the Isles of the Lotus Blossoms live the Hashima Clan. Seemingly uninhabited, the clan discovered that the Isles had once been home to a lost and mysterious civilisation that they called the Dragon People, because sacred dragons feature prominently on their artefacts.

In the Year of the Bouncing Fish, The Daimyo’s chief Onmyoji scried a source of great wealth that he tracked to a mighty cleft cut deeply into a semi active volcano known as the Sleeping Monster. The Valley of Fire, as it came to be known, turned out to be a lost burial ground of the Dragon Kings. Concealed in the broken pumice were hidden entrances leading to deep rock cut tombs. These contained the wealth of the ancients, placed to accompany kings and their senior nobles and wizards into the afterlife.

Unfortunately, attempts to secure these riches soon showed that the tombs were protected by more than just concealed gateways but also by mazes, cunning mechanical traps and undead warrior guardians. Just to amplify difficulties, the ancient passages and chambers were infested by orcs, sneaking in from the other side of the volcano.

Naturally these impediments failed to stop teams of heroic men and women desperate for wealth and glory, or just on a quest of penance to offset some shame of honour or religion.