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Warlord Games Posts New Judge Dredd Miniatures Game Preview

The Judge Dredd Miniatures Game takes players into the mean streets of Mega City One. Will you roll with the Judges, looking to bring justice? Or will you be one of the many gangs fighting for territory? In this preview, we get a little look at the system, the factions, as well as the campaign system that will be coming with the game's release.

From the post:

Whilst the background of many of Dredd’s most famous adventures have truly nuclear consequences (see the Apocalypse War), the Judge Dredd Miniatures game is focussed on the more-typical, day-to-day clashes between gangs looking to expand their territory and the Justice Department clamping down on anything criminal (crime in Mega-City One has a particularly broad definition). It is a true skirmish game, with typically no more than a dozen miniatures per side.