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Warlord Games Posts New Bolt Action Scenario

Though France was defeated in WWII, that doesn't mean that they stopped fighting. An underground resistance quickly formed all over the country. These insurgents were well-armed and coordinated, able to make life a living hell for the Germans trying to occupy the country. In this scenario for Bolt Action, Warlord Games lets you recreate a classic battle featuring French resistance fighters.

From the post:

The Vercors massif is a gigantic natural fortress in France’s southern mountains. Atop the heavily forested plateau, some 4,000 resistance fighters declared themselves a free republic in the summer of 1944. With few access roads, protected by soaring cliffs, the Vercors was considered impregnable by the maquis defending it. The Allies had dropped hundreds of canisters containing small arms, medical supplies and ammunition during the summer, along with an OSS combat team.

The German response was slow and deliberate. Probing attacks by reserve Gebirgsjagers and regular infantry units assessed the Maquis’ strength, locating the main centres of resistance for a single devastating strike. On 21st July, 3 Go-242 Gotha and 20 DFS-230 Gliders landed a company of Osttruppen and a platoon of paratroopers near the Maquis strongpoint at Vassieux, while columns of regular infantry and Gebirgsjagers attacked up the plateau’s main access roads.

The final battle for Vercors had begun! Presented below is a scenario that allows you to re-fight this dramatic confrontation between the French partisans and their German oppressors.