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Warlord Games Posts New Bolt Action Scenario

"The cutting room floor" isn't just for movies. You'd think that you could just load up a game book with anything and everything you want, but that's not the case. Sometimes, something gets cut. But like trimmings off a good brisket, those trimmings are still good. They're just not right for the full piece. Well, here's a scenario from the upcoming Bolt Action book that didn't make the final cut, but is still good enough for your tabletop.

From the article:

Our Bolt Action Campaign books are chock full of history and scenarios, so much so that sometimes not everything can make the cut. Thankfully we are able to use this platform to share some of these ideas and scenarios with the Warlord Community.

The following is a scenario that did not quite make it into the forthcoming Campaign Book, Marianas and Palau Islands, with the historical background. If you try out the scenario yourself, we’d love to hear your feedback!