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Warlord Games Posts New Bolt Action Scenario

WWII did not get off to a good start for the Allies. The combined armies of France, Britain, and Belgium were chased all the way to the sea where they had to perform a daring escape on the shores of Dunkirk. In this new scenario for Bolt Action, players take on the role of these opposing forces, the Allies working to get as many men to safety while the Germans are trying to wipe them out completely.

From the post:

The British army is in full retreat! Save the BEF from disaster with a linked Bolt Action scenario set on the Dunkirk perimeter!

With Boulogne fallen and Calais about to fall into German hands, the plan to sweep up to the Channel Ports and draw a line bisecting the Allied defenders had been all but an unmitigated success. However, from Von Rundstedt’s point of view, caution was vital at a time when it would have been all too easy to become caught up in the success of the operation and leave the German flanks open to exploitation.

Von Rundstedt felt that his forces were worryingly dispersed and a determined counter-attack by the Allies, even at this stage, could smash through his thin lines and reverse the fortunes of the campaign all too quickly. Whilst the British counter-attack at Arras had concerned him, his main worry was a strong French counter-attack from the south. As a result, at 1800 on 23 May, Von Rundstedt sent out orders to the German 4th Army to cease its advance.

The next day, Adolf Hitler visited Von Rundstedt’s headquarters, where he agreed with his general’s decision. Von Rundstedt was quick to disseminate this top-level backing, reinforcing his earlier decision with a further directive stating that the plan was by the Fuhrer’s orders.