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Warlord Games Posts New Blood Red Skies Scenario

Warlord Games has a new scenario for Blood Red Skies up on their website. The action takes place out in the desert where the SAS and Axis are fighting in the sand. Who will come out on top? You can get this new scenario now.

From the post:

Striking out of the deep desert, the SAS unleashed overwhelming force against lightly-defended Axis airfields. The workhorse of these raids was the humble jeep, modified for desert driving and loaded down with multiple machine guns. Using a mix of armour-piercing and tracer rounds, the SAS gunners made mincemeat of grounded aircraft.

With the sun peaking over the horizon, an SAS patrol is caught in the open. The dust cloud kicked up by the convoy draws aircraft from all around, circling like vultures over a fresh kill. Desperately attempting to fend off the enemy dive-bombers with machine guns and assorted small arms, the patrol commander calls for friendly fighter cover…