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Warlord Games Posts Naval Strike Scenario for Blood Red Skies

Warlord Games has a new scenario out for Blood Red Skies. The beginning of WWII saw the Allies being chased by rapidly-advancing German forces as they tried to make it out to the coast. Once there, the Allies had to form a very hasty retreat at the beaches of Dunkirk while the Luftwaffe attacked from above. In this scenario, you can replay that harrowing ordeal on your tabletops.

From the post:

With the release of Air Strike! this month, we’re diving to attack some naval targets with a brand new scenario centred on the Dunkirk evacuations!

In Air Strike! you’ll find a whole range of naval targets to engage with dive and torpedo bombers. As our focus this week is on the Dunkirk Evacuations, we’ll take a look at how some of the smaller ships and motor torpedo boats work.

Ships were uniquely vulnerable to torpedo attacks and strafing, but proved extremely hard to hit with level bombers when in motion. Targets with the ship special rule may be targeted with torpedoes and strafing attacks can cause hull hits. Bombing runs count 2x the usual Firepower penalty versus a mobile target if it is a ship.

Motor torpedo boats also have the Mobile (2) special rule, which means that any pilot trying to bomb it will suffer a whopping -4 firepower penalty. Best to take advantage of the dive-bombing special rules to gain a firepower bonus at the cost of advantage levels.