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Warlord Games Posts Guide For Getting Into Black Powder 2nd Edition

In the Year of New Editions, any game can get a new version rolled out. In this case, it's Black Powder, the Napoleonic-era historical war game from Warlord Games. Quite a few of you have already played the original version, so you might be wondering what's changed in the new edition. In this article Warlord looks over those changes, as well as helps ease you into the new edition, be you a veteran or a new recruit.

From the post:

With the launch of Black Powder 2 just around the corner, we’ve put together a quick guide to getting started with the new book, and what’s changed between the two editions.

After 8 years, our best-selling book has had a bit of an update to improve the experience for you, the players. As you’ll see further down, we’ve spent a lot of time in improving the look of the book, and updating the rules inside.

It’s still the same game you all know and love, but Rick’s made a few tweaks and improvements to the second edition that we’re sure you’ll all enjoy.

For those of you who are completely new to Black Powder, the game covers 200 years of military history, following the development of horse and musket tactics through the 18th and 19th centuries. Characterized by serried ranks of infantry supported by dashing cavalry and thundering cannons, the game encapsulates some of history’s most iconic battles including Clifton Moor and Waterloo, Antietam and Dead Man’s Creek.

Rest assured, we’re making sure that the new game is compatible with all existing supplements! These are a great resource if you’re looking to battle in a specific period of history.