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Warlord Games Posts Experimental Rules For 3 Games

Warlord Games has a ton of games that they make. It's just a huge catalog. And it's been a while since we've heard about a few of these, but that doesn't mean they're entirely dead and gone. In fact, Warlord Games is posting up some extra, experimental, and additional rules for them. Check out experimental rules for Konflikt '47, creating an army of monsters in Warlords of Erehwon, and creating characters for yourself in Strontium Dog.

Konflikt ’47: Experimental Rules

These experimental rules are being trialled as an addition to the shooting rules. If both players agree they can be used as detailed below.

Certain weapons, particularly machine guns, have a role on the battlefield beyond the simple shooting of enemy soldiers. Suppressive fire is intended to force an opponent down, or into cover, or to simply deny them the ability to operate. It involves a large volume of fire that is inherently less accurate than aimed shots but forces the target to take cover or places them under extreme pressure.

Warlords of Erehwon: Monsters & Monstrous Warbands

Our warbands are not large forces and even some of the most costly options for warlords and heroes are suited only for larger games of the kind envisaged. However, they have been included for those whose ambitions stretch to such things, and because they are colourful and entertaining examples of what can be done.

The same is true of the monsters in this selector. Well, what sort of fantasy game doesn’t have dragons and giants? Here they are, but they come along with a caution, because they are not really envisaged as part of the day-to-day game. Rather, they are included because they are colourful and entertaining, and no doubt some players will want to represent these beasties in their games too.

Monsters can also make interesting subjects for scenarios, whether under the control of a third player or randomly allocated to one of the players each turn in the form of a monster that has gone wild.

Strontium Dog: Creating a Fighter

Every job can bring new characters into contact with your band of fighters, whether they are friends, hired help, innocent bystanders, rivals or sworn enemies. New characters are simple to create and players are encouraged to populate their game worlds with muties, aliens and gunslingers to fit their tastes.

It’s time to start training up your custom goons before making the trip to the Big Meg later on this year!