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Warlord Games Posts Cruel Seas Close Quarters Preview

Cruel Seas puts players in control of many of the smaller ships that fought during WWII. Sure, there were battleships, destroyers, and aircraft carriers around, but many harrowing battles were fought by the smaller patrol boats and other light craft. A new book is coming out soon for the game called Close Quarters and it'll make this small-craft fighting get even more close.

From the post:

Close Quarters is packed full of new rules to spice up your games of Cruel Seas. This week, we’re taking a look at some German glide bombs – the Fritz X and Hs 293.

Luftwaffe pilots and analysts recognised the difficulty of accurately bombing moving ships during the Spanish Civil War. Tactics at the time called for a swarm of single-engined dive bombers to attack ships at low altitude, dropping 250kg and 500kg bombs through the ship’s vulnerable deck armour, hopefully striking a magazine or fuel bunker, destroying the ship with a devastating strike.