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Warlord Games Posts Bolt Action: Campaign D-Day: US Sector

The Normandy landings were some of the most important events in history. And Warlord Games helps you recreate those battles on your tabletops. A new Bolt Action campaign book is coming out soon, all about the US Sectors. In this preview, we get a look inside the upcoming book.

From the article:

Hello there! Conor T here from Warlord Customer Service and “Conor’s Hobby Corner”. Today I want to take some time to talk about the next Bolt Action Campaign Book: D-Day: US Sector.

Now as a relatively new historical hobbyist I must say that first this book is weighty! With over 150 pages the third and final instalment of our D-Day Campaign books is certainly a fine addition to any collection. From scenarios, new units, new theatre selectors and cool new optional special rules this book really packs a punch regarding the sheer range of content and as such I want to touch on some of this today.